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Scorpion Control

Bee Smart...Bee Aware...Bee Careful…

At Amera we are licensed pest professionals ready at a moments notice to help you keep your home or business safe from bees. Though bees are very beneficial theyJust the name instills fear in most that have been stung by one. The 2 most common scorpions found in the deserts of Arizona are the Bark scorpion and the Desert Hairy scorpion. You are more likely to find the Bark scorpion in your home. Bark scorpions can be found in many places in the home. Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are the main spots you will find them in. This is because all areas usually contain moisture levels higher than the rest of the home. Since moisture attracts the food they eat, (i.e. crickets, spiders, and soft bodied insects) those areas are places scorpions will tend to be found. They can also be found in dark places in the home like closets, many people have reported being stung when they go to slide on a pair of shoes. They have also been found in the folds of clothing stored in closets.

Bark ScorpionThe Bark Scorpion is the smaller of the two, so it makes it easier for them to get into a home undetected. The bark scorpion is tan in color, with 8 legs and 2 skinny pedipalps (pinchers) on the front, and of course the tail with the stinger. They can grow to be 2 ¾ inches long and their vision is so poor they can only detect light and dark. So you might ask, So how do they find their food? They do it by sensing vibration and heat with the sensory organ their stomache. Scorpions are nocturnal creatures, so they can usually be found hunting for food during the night.

Desert Hairy Scorpion The Desert Hairy Scorpion is the largest specie of scorpion found here in Arizona. It is said that they are the most docile of the scorpions found in the U.S. Because they are so large they are able to control their prey using brute strength in lue of the venom in their stinger like their counterpart the Bark scorpion. They range in color from tan to dark brown, with 8 legs and 2 thick pedipalps (pinchers) on the front and a thick tail and stinger. They can grow to be 6 inches long not including the tail. They also have hairs all over their body which makes them easy to i.d. Just like the Bark scorpion they also have a sensory organ on their stomache that senses vibration and heat. This enables them to hunt down food with ease. This scorpion is mainly found on the outskirts of town and into the open deserts. It is extremely uncommon to find this scorpion inside your home.

In the event you are ever stung by a scorpion you can expect a variety of reactions. These reactions can include but are not limited to, localized pain, trouble swallowing, random eye movements, slurred speech and respiratory paralysis. If stung you should wash the area with soap and water and apply a cool compress to affected area. Do not apply ice as this could make the pain more intense. If you start to experience problems breathing you should seek medical attention immediately.

There are several ways you can safeguard your home from scorpions. Start by making sure there are no gaps around your doors and windows. Seal any cracks or openings on exterior walls. Make sure things are not stacked up against the exterior of the home. (ie. firewood, boxes and storage containers) This would provide a perfect harborage area for scorpions. You can also get a black light and inspect the outside of your home when it’s dark. Scorpions glow green under a black light so it is a great tool to use to gauge the amount of scorpion activity on the outside and inside of your home. It is recommended having a licensed pest proffesional conduct monthly pest control service during the warm months of the year.

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